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"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken." James Dent

London Terrorist attack (Posted 08/06/2017)

Anti Terrorist hotline image

Although Surrey is a low risk county for terrorist activity, we still need to be alert to tensions and extremist groups in our communities. Whilst things have moved on a pace since that terrible attack on London Bridge, attached is a statement from Surrey Police...(link)

Stolen property found (Posted 08/06/2017)

Thief cartoon image

A report is attached which explains how stolen property has been reunited with its owner who used the well known system called "Immobilise". Why not join up and protect your vulnerable property....(link)

Broadband Scam (Posted 08/06/2017)

Scam cartoon image

Scammers purporting to be from BT Openreach - who incidentally never call residential customers - called a local resident saying that his router had a hidden alert system which informs them of slow broadband which they can fix. They then asked to connect to his laptop whilst on the call. When refused the caller got agitated and inferred that the resident was not technically apt and needed to follow their directions to fix his router/connection! The resident reported the call to his broadband service provider (ISP) who confirmed the broadband speed was normal and this was an international call scam.
There has also been reports of scam phone caller 0208 4452216 - purporting to be from TalkTalk, trying to draw the recipient's attention to the alleged insecurity of their internet connection. Please be aware of such phone call scams and never let any phone caller connect to your PC.

Wedding Services Fraud (Posted 08/06/2017)

Wedding cartoon image

With the upcoming "Wedding Season", and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. Attached is another report from police drawing attention to what is described as "Wedding Services Fraud"...(link)

Another family on the lake (Posted 01/06/2017)

Canada Geese family

(Click photo to enlarge). We don't know where they've been hiding, but we've got some more new visitors on Hedgecourt Lake. Much to our surprise, last week we were confronted with two pairs of Canada geese who, between them were marshalling some 14 youngsters . It was very apparent that local residents Mr & Mrs Swan with their new arrivals weren't best pleased.There was a lot of grand standing going on. Could be "trouble at mill"!

Surrey Police (Posted 01/06/2017)

Surrey Police logo

Attached is this months review received from the Chief Constable...((link). Ken Harwood also had a meeting with our Divisional Police Inspector to discuss ongoing issues within the village, such as the ASB at Hedgecourt Lake. There has been a police presence down there and it seems to have become a little quieter of late (no nitrous oxide cylinders in the car park for a start). The traffic management issue on Crawley Down Road was also discussed. We wait to see what emanates from that conversation.

Laser lights (Posted 01/06/2017)

Laser Light

At a Gatwick meeting yesterday Ken Harwood was informed of a potential problem surrounding the use of laser pens being shone into the flight decks of aircraft flying in the airspace above Gatwick. Ken volunteered to liaise with our Police Inspector to ensure that there was a level of awareness amongst officers. In the meantime, if you happen to see any such activity, please call the police immediately.

East Surrey Conservative MP meets Febridge residents (Posted 01/06/2017)

Picture of Sam Gyimah

District Councillor Ken Harwood hosted a house meeting last evening, to which our prospective Conservative candidate (Sam Gyimah) attended. There were a number of residents from around the village present, and a lively debate occurred.
Sam set three main personal local issues of his campaign, they being:-
1. Strive to achieve a better financial settlement from Government for Surrey
2. Continue to protect the Green Belt
3. Regeneration of both Oxted and Caterham town centres.
Postal votes can now be sent in and proxy votes can be arranged if you happen not to be here in Felbridge on the 8th June to vote.

Smishing Fraud (Posted 01/06/2017)

Smishing image

Smishing - the term used for SMS phishing - is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims' money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Attached is information from police about a smishing fraud....(link)

New residents on the lake (Posted 29/05/2017)

Swans and Cygnets

Our two resident swans on Hedgecourt Lake have produced a new family of 8 cygnets.The parents are now happy to bring them to the waters edge to meet us.(Click Photo to enlarge)

Garden Fire - Copthorne road (Posted 29/05/2017)

A fire occurred in the back garden of a house in Copthorne Road last week.It started as a bonfire but rapidly got out of control.The end result was the attendance of four fire engines and police.A large workshop went up in flames together with the contents and a major tree in the garden is now looking very sad and burnt extensively. Ken Harwood visited the residents to confirm that they are okay and steps are in hand with fire investigators and insurers.

Country Watch (Posted 29/05/2017)

Attached is the latest Country Watch newsletter.Normally this goes out to just farmers and stables in the area, but thought the content would be of interest....(link)

Scam alert (Posted 29/05/2017)

Fakr/Genuine poster pic

Attached is an alert message from Surrey Police about 'Tech support scammers'....(link)

Tree and soft landscaping Consultation (Posted 29/05/2017)

Tandridge Council have commenced a consultation in respect of trees and soft landscaping guidelines for Developers. If you want to have your say then read this (link)

Crawley Down Road parking update (Posted 17/05/2017)

Parking image

Ken Harwood reported that there have been even more complaints from residents about the inconsiderate parking that is occurring near the junction of Crawley Down Road and Copthorne Road.
The situation has deteriorated. The workers from the development at 36-38 Copthorne Road are simply ignoring the problem. Ken has updated the police with the complaints he has received. There was a related incident in which two children were almost run down whilst walking on the pavement. Ken is still waiting for police to intervene.

Hedgecourt Lake area - Antisocial behaviour (Posted 17/05/2017)

The police have been asked to look into reports of ASB.

Cyber Attack - Police advice (Posted 17/05/2017)

Cyber attack image

Attached is a police response to the Cyber attack that hit many people/businesses last week...(link)

Mill Lane gritting (Posted 17/05/2017)

No. It hasn't happened! Despite putting up all the signage and sweeping the road over the weekend, the rains came but not the gritters! There is no update as to when this will now occur. What is ironic is the fact that neither the Mill Lane residents nor the Parish Council wanted it to happen in the first place! Perhaps the money it costs might be better spent on filling in potholes?

Tandridge Lottery (Posted 17/05/2017)

lottery cartoon

At a recent Resources Committee meeting at Tandridge, it was agreed that a lottery will be launched in Tandridge. Details are attached in the press release...(link)

General Election - Register to vote (Posted 17/05/2017)

General Election reminder image 2017

Attached is a press release reminding everyone of the need to register to vote. The last day for doing so is 22nd May 2017...(link)

Imberhorne Public Tip

Recycle sign

With immediate effect, charges for depositing hardcore etc( there had been a charge) have been suspended. The only item that now attracts a charge is car tyres.It costs 4 per tyre. All monies must be paid by credit card. No cash is accepted. Plasterboard will not be accepted at the tip. It must be taken to the Crawley tip. The site remains closed on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. However it will remain open on all other days, including Bank Holidays.
Opening times are as follows:-
Winter time (1.10 -31.3) 10.0am -5.0pm
Summer time (1.4 - 30.9) 10.0am -7.0pm

Crawley Down Road traffic problems (Posted 04/05/2017)

Crawley Down rd parking issue

(Click photo to enlarge)- Following on from our earlier report (see below) about the problems being created by the developers working at 36-38 Copthorne Road. Workmen are still parking their vehicles in Crawley Down Road near to the junction of Copthorne Road causing many problems for vehicles entering and leaving Crawley Down Road!
Police have now become involved as this week there was yet again a blatant disregard for the law in terms of (parking) obstruction. Ken Harwood has been keeping our local police Inspector up to date with the problems, and has been promised police patrols.

Traffic lights A22/Copthorne Road (Posted 04/05/2017)

Traffic Light cartoon

Last weekend, the traffic lights at the junction were demolished by a vehicle. They were repaired very quickly. However a problem remains in terms of traffic management. The lights have become out of sync, so much so that almost all day and every day, traffic has been backed up along Copthorne Road, sometimes back as far as Furness Wood. The Parish Council clerk was alerted and immediately contacted the relevant authorities, who confirmed the lights would be re adjusted as a matter urgency. We wait to see the improvement!

Surrey Police Stakeholder report (Posted 04/05/2017)

Attached is (a little late!) the April stakeholder report from the Chief Constable, Surrey Police (link)

Felbridge Bowls Club (Posted 04/05/2017)

Bowls cartoon

Felbridge Bowls Club is a thriving concern but is always looking for new members.
An open day is to be held on 14th May, starting at 2.0pm....Website and there is an invitation for everyone (not restricted to just Felbridge residents) to come along to the club and try their hand at bowls.

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