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A gentle security reminder (Posted 06/12/2018)

Attached is a circulation from Surrey Police about how to protect your property Details.

W.I - Stall at Bluebell Railway on 8th December (Posted 06/12/2018)

Attached is a flyer from our local (Felbridge) Women's Institute advertising the fact that they are hosting a stall at The Bluebell Railway on Saturday 8th December. Your support is very welcomed (Details).

Walk Leaders Wanted (Posted 06/12/2018)

Walkers  image

Do you enjoy walking, good company and also have time to spare? East Surrey Walking for Health is recruiting volunteers to lead on their Lingfield Byways walk Ė every Monday 10:15 Ė 11:45 (Details). Full training will be given(Details).

Fly Tippers in the area again (Posted 29/11/2018)

Fly tipping image

Fly tipping is back again, this time at Hedgecourt lake. TDC are making arrangements to remove the rubbish asap, however residents are asked to be vigilant and report any cars, vans or lorries with rubbish on board behaving suspiciously (link).

Brighton Rail Line 9 day closure (Feb 2019) (Posted 29/11/2018)

Brighton rail line photo

Network Railís Brighton Main Line improvement project will see a nine-day closure of the rail route between Brighton and Three Bridges stations, including Lewes to Three Bridges, from 16th to 24th February 2019. GTR held a stakeholder session on 9 November which Tom Crowley, Chair Designate attended to hear GTRís update on the weekend work to date and an overview of the plans so far for the alternative train and bus operation during the closure in February. For the latest information on the project click.....(link).

M23 Night Closures update( (Posted 29/11/2018)

Picture of M23

Attached is the latest information coming out from Kier/Highways England about the works being carried out on the M23. Night closures of the motorway are on their way....(link)

Tree of Light Service for St Catherines Hospice(Posted 29/11/2018)

Tree of light image

The tree of Light service takes place again this year please. This is our 12th year of holding the Service at St. Johnís church and this year it will be on Sunday 2nd December at 6pm. All are welcome.

Crawley Down Road Potholes to be repaired!(Posted 12/06/2018)

Funny Pothole photo

Surrey County Council recently announced additional funding for B roads in Surrey which were in most need of repair. The Parish Council could only select one road so chose Crawley Down Road and submitted a detailed bid for funding which was successful. Crawley Down Road will now be included in the first batch of roads to be resurfaced (within the next 3 months hopefully). The bid was supported by County Councillor Lesley Steeds.

You did it! Food waste recycling makes huge saving (Posted 12/06/2018)

Food waste recycle poster

Last year Surrey residents saved an extra £200,000 just by putting more food waste in caddies! This year residents are being urged to boost those savings by recycling even more of their food waste.....(more).

Felbridge border - application for 63 new houses (and other developments)- update. (Posted 12/06/2018)

Felbridge traffic cartoon

We have recently been informed that the planning committee at TDC have turned down the applications relating to the development at the St Johns Ambulance site (63 houses). Whilst MSDC have granted permission for the building of the houses, they need access onto our roads and that has been refused based upon the traffic congestion. Another proposed development at 17 Copthorne Road (28 houses) has also been refused while the application to build a further 31 houses along the Crawley Down Road has also apparently been stopped?
An appeal for the development at 17 Copthorne Road is awaited, but to date, the St Johns site remains as "refused".

TV Provider Discount Fraud!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Scam image

Attached is a publication which sets out how fraudsters are targeting people over TV Provider discount (link).

Local Planning Application refused!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Planning Application sign

At last Thursday's Planning Committee meeting at Tandridge, two applications involving the building of some 94 houses along the boundary of the village and Mid Sussex (behind Crawley Down Road and Copthorne Road), with the entrances coming out into Surrey roads, were refused.

Phishing!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Phishing Image

Here is another reminder explaining what "Phishing" is an how to avoid becoming a victim of this crime. It is well worth reading (link).

Fly tipping again!(Posted 02/05/2018)

Fly tipping image

They're at it again..... we have a report of another two incidents of fly tipping in Stub Pond Lane.
These people have a complete disregard for the affect they are having on the local community while the Police and the Council lack the resources to take robust action to deter this type of crime. If you see or are suspicious of any type of vehicle laden with rubbish in the area then report it here along with any useful information such as the vehicle registration plate (link).

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