One of the things I always try and do, is visit  residents who have been the subject of crime, particularly when there has been such things as burglaries. I do this to ensure that everything has been done as far as Police are concerned. If you become the victim of crime let me know.


No matter how small or trivial the crime seems, please, please report the incident to Police. Always ask for and get a crime report number.


We have had several incidents of theft of milk from doorsteps over the past few weeks. Who would have thought this could occur in 2011? Whilst on the face of it, it seems quite a trivial matter, not to those who have lost their milk.


Felbridge in Bloom


As Spring is almost upon us, the many hundreds of bulbs planted by the Parish Council are now beginning to show around the village in all their splendour. Enjoy.




The A.264 has been patched up again! I am reliably informed  that S.C.C Highways are taking steps to resurface that section of the A.264 on the County Boundary which hopefully will do away with a reoccurrence of potholes once and for all.


Street Lighting


As may have been noticed, the authorities have been very busy over these past couple of weeks replacing  our existing street lighting with new lights. These new pieces of equipment will be centrally controlled, which means they can be dimmed at certain times and in some cases switched off to save energy and( money).