1. Bonfires


Bonfires in gardens are permitted, but residents must take account of what impact these will have on their neighbours, i.e. smoke, hot ash blowing in the air etc. There is advice and guidance to be found on the website at Tandridge District Council. Residents might like to check their house insurance to see whether they are covered in the event of a fire inadvertently spreading and damaging property not belonging to them. Bonfires should never be left unattended and if a bonfire appears to be getting out of control, do not hesitate. Call the Fire Brigade!


2 Swans


After weeks of uncertainty, it does appear that the two new resident swans on Hedgecourt Lake are preparing for a new brood. The old Cob who tragically lost his mate last year when she was run down by a car seems to have disappeared off the scene ( retirement?). The new Cob is doing a stalwart job pushing all new comers off the lake (today he was intimidating a total of 6 other young swans who had suddenly appeared). Watch this space.


3.Footpath 365


Footpath 365 runs along the northern edge of Hedgecourt Lake from Stub Pond Lane past the sailing club. Because the earth surface of the footpath  had become badly rutted and dangerous for walkers, the farmer ploughed it up this week and has now formed a new footpath surface. It is hoped that walkers will consolidate the surface over the coming weeks/months.


4 Speed


With the introduction of new speed limits on the A.264 and Crawley Down Road, police have been working in the area to ensure drivers stick to the limits. It was interesting to watch the response of dozens of car drivers yesterday  as they went past Hedgecourt Place. Lots of headlamps flashing and reduced speeds! Why? A police patrol unit with a speed gun parked in the lay by! Hopefully drivers will get the message and stick to the new speed limits.